Biografia - Biography


RAPTUZ is a full time artist and graphic designer that has close to 30 years experience in the art world.

A pioneer in the italian Graffiti Art since the late 80’s, he has mastered his own style and technique called “Broken Window Futurism.”

He is a cofounder of the historical TDK Crew (Milan, 1990), proud member of the legendary CBS Crew (Los Angeles, 1984), and LORDS Crew (San Francisco 1986).

Based in Milano (Italy), Raptuz frequently travels the world paintng at different art festivals, commissioning small & large scale work along with fine art canvases, and partecipates in artgallery shows worldwide. Due to his extensive knowledge, Raptuz also works as a consultant for an international spray paint top brand, Loop Colors ( by contributing to the development of the Loop formula and spreading brand awareness among the art community.




- 2017 -

"Looperfest" International Graffiti Meeting (Milano - Italy)

"Street Life festival" International Graffiti Festival (Limassol - Cyprus)

"DollyNoire" International Graffiti Video Shooting (Milanoo - Italy)

"Homepage II" Writing Festival, Bus Hub (Tolmezzo, UD - Italy)

"Creative World" International Expo, Messe (Frankfurt - Germany)


- 2016 -

"Loop BBQ" International Graffiti Meeting (Liepzig - Germany)

"Fairy Tales" Group Show - La Popartiserie Gallery (Strasbourg - France)

"DollyNoire" International Graffiti Video Shooting (Milanoo - Italy)

"TCYDTLA" Live Event - The Containeryard DTLA (Los Angeles - USA)

"Looperfest On The Bay" International Graffiti Meeting (San Francisco - USA)

"Meeting of Styles" International Graffiti Meeting (Budapest - Ungary)

"Urban Favour" International Graffiti Festival (Winterthur - Switzerland)

"Meeting of Styles" International Graffiti Meeting (Wiesbaden - Germany)

"Looperfest" International Graffiti Meeting (Milano - Italy)

"Meeting of Styles" International Graffiti Meeting (London - UK)

"Street Life festival" International Graffiti Festival (Limassol - Cyprus)

"Homepage" Writing Festival, Bus Hub (Tolmezzo, UD - Italy)

"Creative World" International Expo, Messe (Frankfurt - Germany)


- 2015 -

"Urban Uasters" group show, Hausammann Gallery (Miami - USA)

"Dedo Sujo" International Writing event, (Florianopolis - (Brasil)

"Medimex" international music fair, Fiera Del Levante (Bari - Italy)

"G40" group show, Art Whino Gallery (Washington, DC - USA)

"Meeting of Styles" Writing International event (Magdeburg - Germany)

"Summer Hits" group show, Hausammann gallery (Cortina D'Ampezzo, BL - Italy)

"Homepage Festival" International music & art festival (Majano, UD - Italy)

"Overline jam" Writing International event (Baronissi, SA - Italy)

"Energy Fest" Writing International event (Vittorio veneto, TV - Italy)

"Step In The Arena" Writing International event (Eindhoven - Holland)

"Triple Shot" triple solo show, Hausammann gallery (Miami, FL - USA)

"Stroke Art Fair" Urban Art Fair (Munich - Germany)

"Countdown Preview" Writing International event (Albuquerque, NM - USA)


- 2014 -

"Deconstructions 2.0" solo show, Hausammann Gallery (Miami - USA)

"Rule Of Three" Group show, Colab Gallery (Weil Am Rhein - Germany)

"G@P" Urban Art Fair (Turin - Italy)

"Munich Meeting" international exclusive meeting (Munich, Germany)

"Deconstructions" Raptuz + Poesia, bi-personal show, Nina Torres Fine Art (Miami - USA)

"Main Street 2.0" Group show, Hausammann Gallery (Cortina d'Ampezzo, BL - Italy)

"Stroke Art Fair" Urban Art fair, Munich Praterinsel (Munich - Germany)

"Meeting of Styles" Writing international event (Cesano Boscone, Milan - Italy)

"Amazing Day" Writing international event (Locate Triulzi, Milan - Italy)

"Main Street" Group show (Hausammann Gallery, Cortina d'Ampezzo, BL - Italy)

"Raptuz Wonderland 2.0” Solo show (Hausammann Gallery, Cortina d'Ampezzo, BL - Italy)


- 2013 -

"Raptuz Wonderland” Solo show (Galleria Hausammann, Cortina d'Ampezzo, BL - Italy)

"MRAF" Miami River Art Fair (James L. Knight International Center, Miami, FL - USA)

"Back 2 Back”  55° Biennale di Venezia (Officina Delle Zattere, Venezia - Italy)

"Apparel Music Limited” Group show (RAL 8022, Milano - Italy)

"Loverismo" Group Show (Spazio Bugatti 15, Milano - Italy)

"Dart Human Fener - Episode II" Group Show (P.O.W. Gallery, Torino - Italy)

"Blush Contemporary Art " Group Show (Spazio Bugatti 15, Milano - Italy)


- 2012 -

"Dart Human Fener" Mostra Collettiva (P.O.W. Gallery, Torino)

"Raptuzland" Mostra Personale (Palazzo Trivulzio, Melzo - MI)

"Osmosis" Mostra Personale (Officine Del Volo, Milano)

"TDK Neverending History 2" Mostra Collettiva TDK Crew (P.O.W. Gallery, Torino)

"TDK Neverending History" Mostra Collettiva TDK Crew (NSY-Brandstorming, Milano)

“Inside Marilyn” Mostra Collettiva (BR1 Cultural Space, Montesilvano - PE)

“Inside Marilyn” Mostra Collettiva (Auditorium San Paolo, Civitanova Marche - MC)

“Apparel Music Ltd.” Mostra Collettiva (RAL 8022, Milano)

“Mission Accomplished” Mostra Collettiva (Crewest Gallery. Los Angeles)

“Arte Contemporanea” Mostra Collettiva (Galleria Schubert, Milano)

“CIPMO” Asta d'Arte Contemporanea  (Casa d'Aste Porro & C., Milano)

“Strada Madre” Mostra Personale (Galleria Schubert, Milano)


- 2011 -

“Street Art & Post-Graffitismo” Asta Post Graffitismo (FarsettiArte - Stradedarts, Milano)

“More Rock'N'Roll” Mostra Collettiva (XL Combines Gallery, Milano)

“Broken Windows Theory” Mostra Collettiva (Subspace Art Gallery, Culver City CA - USA)

“Century Icons” Mostra Personale (XL Combines Gallery, Milano)

“500 Contemporary Art Meeting” Mostra Collettiva Itinerante (Spazio Concept, Milano)

“Stadio Street Players” Mostra Collettiva (San Siro Museum, Milano)

“Identities” Mostra Collettiva TDK Crew (Paola Rescio Gallery, Milano)

“Abissi” Mostra Collettiva (Acquario Civico, Milano)

“Writing The History” Mostra Collettiva (The Don Gallery, Milano)

“Amazing Day” Mostra Collettiva (Spazio Concept, Milano)


 - 2010 -

“Street Erotique” Mostra Collettiva (Spazio Azimut, Torino)

“MOA” Mostra Personale (Villa Erba, Cernobbio CO)

“La Forma Delle Reti” Mostra Collettiva (Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia "Leonardo Da Vinci", Milano)

“Gallarate in Wonderwall” evento-arredo urbano (Palazzo Storico Via Manzoni, Gallarate VA)

“Vivere Milano In Green” mostra collettiva (Viale Sarca 336, Milano)

“My Lodi, My Idol” mostra collettiva (Sala Delle Colonne, Lodi)

“Freedom” mostra collettiva (Museo Civico di Bolzano)


- 2009 -

“La Street Art nell’Urban Hotel ” mostra collettiva (Hotel Boscolo Exedra Milano)

“Oltre il Muro” mostra collettiva (Galleria Civica di Bolzano)

“Breaking Walls” mostra collettiva (Museo Fondazione Luciana Matalon, Milano)

“Write For Abruzzo” mostra collettiva benefica (From Spoon To City Gallery, Torino)

“L’infanzia a Colori” mostra-evento benefico (Palazzo Giureconsulti, Via Dei Mercanti, MIlano)

“Colori, Profumi, Sapori, Suoni” mostra-evento comunale (Lungomare Marconi, Vallecrosia IM.) -

“Smack” mostra collettiva(Quaranta 40, MIlano)

“T.V.T.B” mostra collettiva (Galleria Civica di Monza)

“Vernice Art Fair” mostra collettiva (Fiera di Forlì)


- 2008 -

“Vuote a Rendere” mostra collettiva (Arte Due Gallery, Milano)

“Downtown Artwalk” mostra collettiva (Crewest Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.)

“LA Goldrush Live” mostra collettiva (Crewest Gallery Los Angeles, CA.)

“Menu Kebab” mostra personale (Piazza Mercantile, Bari)

“Write For Food” mostra/evento benefico (Milano) – 2007 – 2008 – 2009 - 2010


- 2007 -

“Street Art, Sweet Art” (Padiglione Arte Contenporanea, Milano)

“My Name Is” mostra collettiva (Triennale Bovisa, Milano)

“Italian Master” mostra collettiva (Crewest Gallery Los Angeles, CA.)

“Sold Out” mostra collettiva (Limbiate, Milano)


- 2006 -

“Pop Mart” mostra personale (Museo d’Arte Moderna di Trento e Rovereto)

"Artway" mostra collettiva (Velvet, Bergamo)


- 2005 -

“Raptuz 4 Elite Model Look” mostra personale (Superstudio+ Milano e Roma)


- Oldies -

"Stavolta Dipingo Io" mostra personale (Centro Artistico Culturale Milanese, Milano) - 2001

“International Exposition Of Comix” mostra collettiva (Lucca)  - 1999 – 2000 – 2001

“Airbrush show” art expo (Italian Tour) – 1998 - 1999

“World Spray” art expo (Milano) – 1998 - 1999

“Festival Of Arts” Southern California Art Festival (Laguna Beach, CA.) - 1998

“Vargas Awards” Art Expo and illustration World Award (Las Vegas, NV.) - 1998