RAPTUZ is a full-time artist and graphic designer, active for more than 30 years in the art world, pioneer of the Italian Graffiti Art since the late 80’s.

He developed his own style and technique called Broken Window Futurism, an expressive mode evolved over time, characterized by the breakdown of works, shapes or colors, playing with chromatic scales, warm/cold and light/shade contrasts, to allow multifocal, fragmented, and deformed vision of abstract or figurative images.

Raptuz's works are features highly chromatic impact work, high definition in color stroke and application as if to immortalize the infinite parts of still images from a high-resolution video stream on a canvas.

He is a co-founder of the historical TDK Crew (Milan, 1990), SPAGHETTI FUNK Crew,  a proud member for more than a decade of the legendary CBS Crew (Los Angeles, 1984), and LORDS Crew (San Francisco 1986).

Based in Milan (Italy), Raptuz frequently travels the world to paint at different art festivals, realizing by commission small & large scale works, on walls or canvases, and participating in art gallery shows worldwide.

Due to his extensive knowledge, Raptuz also works on management for an international spray paint top brand, Loop Colors, contributing to the development of the Loop formula and spreading brand awareness among the art community.

(photo: Federico Laddaga)